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Jabra Stone 2

Jabra Stone 2

The Jabra STONE2 is a high-end Bluetooth headset. It is an example of a unique design fused together with a bouquet of useful features. Continuing the same high quality experience as the original Jabra Stone, the STONE2 feels well built, super lightweight, and it is the kind of thing that adds to your appearance. Voice commands make using the headset a true hands-free experience and besides that, you can use it to listen to your music and videos. The active noise reduction feature should make your conversations sound as clear as they can be. The Jabra Stone 2 is an elegantly looking headset and a fine example of where high technology meets up with high-tech design. Check one out today!

Jabra Stone 2 – Price: $ 99.99 FREE SHIPPING!
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Tips & Tricks

Echo or Side Tone Problems

If you have ever encountered an echo or loud feedback in your headset, it is probably due to a mismatch between the headset ear piece volume and the microphone volume. With these two parts of the headset so close together, sometimes one over powers the other and creates a uncomfortable sound for the headset user. This is directly related to the sound volume of the headset and phone. In most cases, just by reducing the PHONE volume, this distracting sound will minimize or go away completely.
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Plantronics CS70N system reset:

Simultaneously press the call control button and the “+” and “-” volume buttons for approximately 5 seconds. When the talk indicator light on the headset blinks, release all the buttons. Press the call control button again. The talk indicator light blinks briefly to indicate the headset is back to normal operation mode. Disconnect the AC power supply from the base for 5 seconds. Reconnect the AC power supply. The system reset is complete.
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