Echo or Side Tone Problems

If you have ever encountered an echo or loud feedback in your headset, it is probably due to a mismatch between the headset ear piece volume and the microphone volume.  With these two parts of the headset so close together, sometimes one over powers the other and creates a uncomfortable sound for the headset user.  […]

Plantronics CS70/CS70N Wireless Reset Procedure

How do I reset my CS70/CS70N? If you are having audio quality issues, such as static, try resetting your system. To perform the system reset: Simultaneously press the call control button and the “+” and “-” volume buttons for approximately 5 seconds. When the talk indicator light on the headset blinks, release all the buttons. […]

Plantronics CS 50/55 Wireless Reset Procedure

How do I “Reset” My Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset? On a rare occasion, you may experience static or crackling when using your CS55 wireless headset. Following the steps below will allow you to “reset” the CS55 headset back to it’s original working state. This takes less than 30 seconds and is rarely required to be […]

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